Laird MacDougall


Laird MacDougall

Birthdate:  August 18, 1985         
Hometown:  Revelstoke BC

Occupation: Grader Operator

Favorite Riding Areas / Venues / Tracks:

Boulder & Turtle Mountain, Revelstoke BC

Favorite food:


Favorite Band:

Big Sugar

Sled (Make, Model, Mods):

Ski-doo 800 T3 with Impulse turbo and racers edge suspention

Powerhouse Customs tube chassey with cusom turbo apex motor

Riding Specialty:

Hill climbing and free riding

What is your favourite Holy Sh#t Moment?

Not being successful in big chutes.

Who taught you the most about what you do, what did they do to make such a difference?

My father Ron for getting me into the sport at such a young age and for always being supportive. He taught me a lot about the mechanics of the sport!

Who is/was your favourite sledder growing up and why?

Classic veteran sledders from the early days of Revelstoke mountain riding


Dirt biking