Glen Baker "The Westcoast Wanderer"

Glen Baker

Birthdate: 16th March 1985

Hometown:  Dunsborough, Western Australia

Occupation: World adventure rider

Sport(s): moto-x , enduro, snowmobiling, snowboarding, climbing and mountain biking

Favorite Riding Areas / Venues / Tracks: Alaska & China

Favorite food: Cant beat a good old fashioned pizza!! But if I’m cooking everyone wants my famous lasagna

Favorite Band: Pearl Jam, Hilltop Hoods, Elvis and City and Colour

Bike(s) (Make, Model, Mods):

- KLR650 2009 , heavily modified to travel the world.

- KLR650 2010 , also heavily modified for touring

Riding Specialty:

I like to regard myself as a jack of all trades when it comes to riding, I think the strength to my ability is that I’ve been able to switch from farm bikes, to motorcross and into enduro then launch into track racing and street racing on R1’s which is where I came to realize I’m not invincible, which led me back to endurance riding and eventually falling in love with adventure riding all around the world. I would say my endurance is my specialty. Being able to ride any distance and conquer any obstacle.

What is your favourite Holy Sh#t Moment?

I would like to tell one in particular, but I may get in trouble for that. So I’ll say it is going up into Alaska two summers ago, the ride around there and the Yukon quite literally took my breath away. I had seen amazing scenery all around the Swiss Alps but the complete isolation and raw, untouched beauty of the mountains in Alaska struck me and is something I’ll never forget.

Who taught you the most about what you do, what did they do to make such a difference?

My dad, he put me on a motorbike before I even really even knew how to ride a bicycle. I grew up on a farm in a small town in West Australia . My dad was always the adventurer, he instilled in me a love for motorbikes and a passion for travelling. He passed away when I was 9 years old and is the primary reason I ride the world today.

Who is/was your favourite motocross rider growing up and why?

Travis Pastrana , I loved to hate that guy. I have always frowned at the popular things in life. He was so good when he was so young and everyone loved him. I had to admire the skills he possessed , but what I liked more was the amount of passion he portrayed when he rode and did anything. That inspired me to be as good as I could at everything I attempt.


Motorbikes , obviously hahaha. But now that I live in Revelstoke, BC I cannot ride every day, half the year it is frozen over so I have begun doing alot more snowboarding and snowmobiling. In the Winter I’m a snowmobile guide but board on all my days off.

In the warmer months I like to camp, hike, fish, climb and mountain bike. I spend a lot of my time alone and taking photographs in some of the worlds most beautiful locations.

TELL US ABOUT Glen Baker: 

I’m a 30 year old Australian adventure rider, I think that defines me quite well, I live for adventure. I used to be a electrician in underground gold mines back home. I decided I had enough of that and needed more from life, so a few years ago I took off and have sold everything in the pursuit of happiness. I ended up riding and exploring about 50 countries the last few years on all manners of motorbikes and other modes of transport. It is important to me to really immerse myself in the cultures that I explore, I actually set out to learn alot of their history and meet with people and do studies while I’m there. I love cooking, and one of the first things I do is book a cooking lesson everywhere I go, cant beat a great home cooked meal when you’re on the road!