Duncan Lee "Dlee"


Duncan Lee

Birthdate:  06/21/1978
Hometown:  Truckee CA, USA

Occupation: Snowmobile Avalanche Education Instructor, Window Washer, Backcountry Snowmobile Athlete

Sport(s): Sledding!! DH Mtn biking, Wake Surfing, and Lifestyling.

Favorite Riding Areas / Venues / Tracks:   Revelstoke BC, Jackson WY, Sonora Pass CA. Whistler Bike Park.

Favorite food: Man I’m pretty easy, except I don’t do olives or mushrooms! I dig good sushi, and saki!! And love a tasty burger!

Favorite Band: Ya know I used to rock Pantera, and Slayer, and NoFX, its always changing for me in the music scene, and the past many years I have been an electronic fiend, We get the worlds best DJ’s around Reno because of Burning Man, and they bring the heat!!!

Bike(s) (Make, Model, Mods):   My sled is a 2017 Skidoo Gen4, 154, with Fox shocks, Toms E-motion skid, Zbroz front bumper skid plate, TSS exhaust can, Running boards, Fly racing bars and risers, and a custom signature Series Dlee Wrap from Sledwraps!

Riding Specialty: I’m a big mountain rider, so we are out looking for untracked areas that nobody has been to yet. I love being in the air, and my sled sure can fly, so I’m always looking for features and hits. Deep pow days with a tight riding crew blasting off things is where its at!!!!

What is your favourite Holy Sh#t Moment? I’d have to say my favorite holy SH#t moment seems to happen once a season! hahaha when you line up something that you haven’t tried yet, like an inverted whip, and you pin it, launch into the sky going way higher than you thought, but your like, meh Ima hang on and see what happens, then it all works out and you stomp it…. your energy is crazy and your like… HOLY SH#T!!!!!! nothin but stoke is coursing through your veins and your riding away thinking wow, that actually worked!!!!

Who taught you the most about what you do, what did they do to make such a difference? Man in 2002 my good friend and moto partner Ken Evans got me into sledding, at first it was to snowboard, but quickly I saw the potential in just riding. It wasn’t that he was teaching me, but rather we were the same level. So we were pushing each other to progress, and it was awesome. He would hit something, then I would hit something, and we would go back and forth pushing the bar higher. As a team you’re able to progress better, and have each other’s back out there. So it wasn’t so much being taught but rather we were teaching ourselves. Over the past few seasons I have become an avalanche education instructor and my mentor Travis Fiest has really helped me become a better teacher. It is super rewarding to help people understand the necessary skills they should have to be in the backcountry.

Who is/was your favourite rider growing up and why? Growing up in Tahoe and living in the snowboard scene I looked up to Terje, and the riders in the Standard Films movies. They were pushing the limits and it was rad! Got me fired up, then when sledding happened the Sledneck films got me way stoked, so Quinlan, and the Turnagain crew were throwing down!! Really making us think about how big you can go.

Hobbies:   I used to be a wake boarder, back in my early 20’s, but now I would say that’s a hobby, and wake surfing. I race DH bikes all summer, and love free riding. I’m an artist although never seem to find enough time to create. My wife and I do everything outdoors so our life is an adventure.

TELL US ABOUT Duncan Lee: 

Lets see, I’m stoked!!! on life, on possibilities, and on other people being stoked!!! Positivity is the key to living awesome. I believe in doing what you say your’e going to do, so I make sure I only commit to the things I know I can pull off!! I love the mountains, dancing, and hanging with my friends that have become family. My thirst to ride my sled in the most epic locations in the world is on a next level, and I love to be productive. There’s something about being on a mission to ride, but then there’s something even better about filming it all. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I love being involved with film, photos, and producing media about what we are doing. It makes me feel connected to the entire industry. When its the off season, I wash a silly amount of windows, run a small business, and love to Lifestyle! ahahahaha that’s what we call just living good, ya know! Picture doing some work in the morning, hitting the bike park for the afternoon, and then bbq in the parking lot with all the homies for sunset with some apre’ cocktails!!!!! now that’s life styling!!!! I’m super fired up on this coming winter and can’t wait to get my first full on pow day!!!!! new sled, new gear, and lots of new projects!! You’re gonna see Dlee on a war path! hahahahaha




Snapchat @ Duncanlee775