Chris Coosemans

Chris Coosemans

Birthdate: August 18th, 1998


Hometown: Cold Lake, Alberta


Occupation: Truck driver/heavy equipment operator/concrete finisher under the family business.


Sports: Most motorsports and snowboarding.


Favourite riding area: Sicamous is my favourite backcountry snowmobiling area, Cold lake motocross track for bikes, and Scott Murrays compound in Michigan for freestyle training. 


Favourite food: i dig a good steak


Favourite band: man of no taste. Play it and ill jam


Machines: 2015 skidoo RS 

2013 Honda CRF450r (Nate Adams 2015 gold medal xgames bike the “Blackhawk”)


Riding specialty: Freestyle Snowmobiling


Favorite Holy Sh!t Moment: the first time hitting a ramp after weeks of off time


Who taught me most/ what did they do to make a difference: Scott Murray and Josh Penner helped me with every technical detail about freestyle that i didnt know before. The amount i have progressed since seeing them (one year) is more than ive had since i started in 2013. Im grateful to have met such chill dudes that know their stuff and were willing to teach me. 


Favourite rider growing up: Ive always looked up to all the Freestyle competitors in Xgames and Slednecks, but Heath Frisby is the reason i got into ramping and continue to want to pursue a career such as his. His style and personality jive with his skill and talent, it’s something ive always strived towards. I strive to bring Freestyle snowmobiling to a level that Travis Pastrana and Nitro World Games brought to dirtbikes. 


Hobbies: sleds, dirtbikes, mountain bikes, mud quading, snowboarding, seadoo racing and watersports, classic cars, collecting signed jerseys from riders ive always looked up to, any sort of adventuring, building/welding random projects i think are cool or handy.