HAMMER HOLDERS Men's performance underwear

No matter what you're packing Sledgehammers HAMMER HOLDERS will surely bring a smile to anyone's face!!

Built to last , Sledgehammers HAMMER HOLDERS can handle anything you throw at them (Or in them!). With superior sublimation printing you'll never have to worry about designs cracking or fading, So get out there and get dirty!!...Your dreams of being a rock-star may have faded away , but these designs never will.

Our goal at Sledgehammers is to bring you the most eye pop'n undies in the game . You'll want to show these bad boys off on any occasion , like did you really want to wear pants to your cousins wedding ...we didn't think so!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we think underwear is the most important part of the outfit . So why not start off with a fresh pair of Sledgehammers HAMMER HOLDERS , they will get you charged up quicker then A Gretzky Coffee.. 9 sugar , 9 cream!!


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