Derek Jezewsky

Meet Derek Jezewsky! Derek has been with our wicked company as a Motocross rider since the 2015 Moto season, Unfortunately our athlete was in a severe moto accident April 31 of 2017 which resulted in complete paralysis at the T-6 Level! So in other words paralysis from the chest down! But we didn’t want to lose our athlete! So we kept him on as one of our ambassadors! Derek’s love for our company and our companies community is huge and that’s why we love to have him with us! Who knows do you think he should get on a bike or a sled for us?? As of for now Derek Jezewsky is actually taking off to Toronto to train with the team for Canada Wheelchair Basketball as his goal is to participate in the Paralympics! And we will support him through his journey and help him through it all and have him rocking the Sledgehammers line!